The cartoon Vault Boy shows a screenshot from the TV show Fallout.

“Here, enjoy!”
picture: Amazon / Bethesda / Kotaku

Happy birthday Fall out Franchise – currently I see it as a real person and not a corporate IP – you are 25 years old this year! Wow, how time flies. With multiple games, DLCs, mods, and now a TV show in development from Amazon, you’re bigger than ever. Let’s see what Amazon has given you and all your fans to celebrate this wonderful time! Oh…uh, a single screenshot from the show that doesn’t actually show anything. Ha.

First announced in July 2020Bethesda and Amazon working together on upcoming live action Fall out TV show set in the famous fictional universe of the games. And just like the games, the series will feature underground vaults where small pockets of humanity survived a devastating nuclear war that destroyed the planet and turned most of it into desolate wastelands filled with mutants and other evil things. For those waiting to get their first real look at the still-untitled movie Fall out The show, well, Amazon has decided to share a very small teaser with you all. Very small. A single screenshot from the show. This much. Enjoy!

If I put on my detective hat and pull out the new size magnifying glass, I can see a few details. For example, this is a safe. Where people hide from the nuclear war above. People wear Vault 33 overalls. We’ve never seen Vault 33 in games, therefore it will give creators more freedom to tell the story they have planned. I also detected a flare, so you know this is a fancy and expensive build.

As for the actual details about the show, beyond this teaser, we don’t have much to go on. We know it’s Walton Goggins is part of the show, playing a mutant ghoul currently anonymous. She shared a picture in July. Trailer on Instagram on the first day of filming. And in August, Images of some sets from the show leaked. Although it’s too early yet (the show still doesn’t have a release date) it sets and this new screenshot is at least visually Fall out aesthetic. Will it be as good as the reality show Fallout: New Vegas? Only time will tell…(But probably not.)

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