Meme In A Sneaker That Adidas Homer 'Goes In The Bushes'

It hasn’t been a great month for Adidas, but the German sportswear giant is finding ways to make some money from licensed sneaker deals these days (or the last 20 years) if only one thing can be trusted. Next: The Simpsons.

earlier than this month our first look The Simpsons x Superstar collaborationThis sees nearly the entire surface of the shoe covered in blue fuzz to be close to Marge’s hair. It looks like a pair of old Cookie Monster sneakers I once bought for my (then) two-year-old:

Meme In A Sneaker That Adidas Homer 'Goes In The Bushes'

picture: adidas

Another shoe in the series, one leaked earlier today, and this time a Stan Smith is using Homer instead. Although it seems much less at first involved More than the Marge shoe—maybe there’s a hairless joke here, I don’t know—turning the shoe inside shows it’s a bit hairy too, but only on the heel:

Like the meme itself, something you can giggle when you see it online but spend money to put it on your feet? hmmmmmm

Adidas doesn’t care. While the company’s Yeezy collaboration was burned to ash and worth the big bucks at its peak, the bread and butter in Adidas’ sneaker business (like Nike’s) is high profile, not limited editions, but in two other places: for the most part, venerable classics (Superstar, Stan Smith, slides) , etc.)

We’ve seen this a lot over the last few years as the company has launched sneakers that are based on everything. game of Thrones with Pokémon with South Park to the previous The Simpsons let alone, and while many of these may seem a bit naff, some (Pokémon especially) it was great!

No word on a release date or price for any of these.

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