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Today, CD Projekt Red announced a remake of the 2007 original. Witch is under development. The project is run by Polish studio Fool’s Theory and is built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5 using the same tools CDPR has created for its future. Witch games.

15 years ago today, original Witch It’s been released, starring everyone’s favorite grumpy monster hunter Geralt, as he tries to regain his memories with the help of his friends and fellow Witchers. The first game, like the other games in the series, a fantasy book series By Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Since its launch, CD Projekt Red has continued to do more. Witch games as well as spin-offs Gwent and dystopian sci-fi action RPG cyberpunk 2077. But the third-person fantasy RPG was the studio’s first game, and now CDPR wants to update this classic for “next generation gamers.” CDPR talks remake as a “modern reimagining” of the original game.

witch “This is where it all started for us,” said CDPR Studio Head Adam Badowski. “It was the first game we’ve ever made and it was a big moment for us at the time. Returning to this place and updating the game for the next generation of players to experience is just as big, if not bigger.”

According to Badowski, some at Fool’s Theory, the studio behind the remake, also worked on the past. Witch games, so they believe they know the source material very well. Don’t expect to play the remake anytime soon, though, as the studio head said in a press release that it “will take some time” before it’s ready to show anything from the game, and it’s still in the game. “early stages” of development.

It’s Unreal 5 Witch As announced earlier in October via CDPRs, the remake was previously known by the codename “Canis Majoris”. “Long-Term Product Outlook” Update. In addition to this project, we learned about another project. Witch Game in development by The Molasses Flood. And we know CDPR is working on it. brand new Witch trilogy, also using Unreal 5 with custom tools made by the studio itself. In fact, the tools and technology CDPR has developed for future games is being used by Fool’s Theory on this new game. Witch rebuild the project.

No other details have been shared about the upcoming RPG remake by CDPR or Fool’s Theory, which makes sense. Not only because it’s still in development, but also because CDPR will likely be more careful about announcing and marketing future games. rough throw and recoil faced with cyberpunk 2077. The game mostly in a good place todayit took a while to get there and the whole situation probably made an impression on the studio.

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