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this NBA 2K League, Official esports competition, a team effort of both the NBA and the NBA NBA 2K publishers Take-Two“indefinitely disqualified” six players and a coach for their roles in a betting scandal.

According to a statement released by the league, an internal investigation revealed that Marquis Gill of Blazer5 Gaming (Portland Trailblazers’ esports team), Kimanni Ingram of Jazz Gaming (of Utah Jazz), Christopher Lafanette, Dorian Earl Miller and Robert Nastasi He determined that the players were. ) and Mavs Gaming’s Zekirri Dennis (Dallas Mavericks) have been “indefinitely disqualified” for “violating the league’s gambling and fantasy rules”. Blazer5 Gaming coach Andrew Maxie received the same sentence for the same offense.

The investigation found that Dennis, Ingram, Lafanette, Miller, and Nastasi were both betting on: or tried to bet on it, In 2K League matches, Gill and Maxie reportedly knew about the bets and “did not report the violations or fully cooperate with the investigation.”

Here is the full statement:

NBA 2K League players Marquis Gill, Christopher Lafanette, Dorian Earl Miller, and Blazer5 Gaming’s Robert Nastasi, Jazz Gaming’s Kimanni Ingram and Mavs Gaming’s Zekirri Dennis have been suspended from the NBA 2K League and any of their teams indefinitely for violating the league’s rules. were disqualified. The rules of gambling and fantasy were announced today by Brendan Donohue, President of the NBA 2K League. Blazer5 Gaming head coach Andrew Maxie has also been disqualified indefinitely for violating gambling and fantasy rules.

After an investigation, the NBA 2K League determined that Dennis, Ingram, Lafanette, Miller, and Nastasi had bet or attempted to bet on NBA 2K League games, either by themselves or through others, and were also breaking the rules by not reporting the violations. or cooperate fully with the inquiry. Gill and Maxie broke the rules by not reporting the violations or not fully cooperating with the investigation.

“The integrity of our game is, and always will be, the top priority of the NBA 2K League,” Donohue said. “We take our obligation to the competition and our fans incredibly seriously and will always act vigorously on violations of the rules governing game integrity and related reporting and collaboration requirements.”

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