Various cards in Marvel Snap, the new card game warrior from Second Dinner.

Graphic: Second Supper / Kotaku

Hey, punk. Want to be like the unbeatable Squirrel Girl? Okay, maybe let’s not start a discussion about who the strongest Marvel character really is, because no one comes out of that character alive. we are here to help you get out the best new card fighter aroundand when we’re done, your Marvel Sticky Enemies will ask for mercy with the Deadpool emote.

Upgrade everything…in the beginning

The easiest way to get new cards is to use your earnings to play games and upgrade your deck, which will increase your collection level (or reward you with the season pass). Frame all your favorite supes etc. It is certainly satisfying to receive for blow up, I find that resources are much scarcer than they were originally. And the cards where you can truly see beautiful cards, bespoke animations, and eye-catching artwork won’t be unlocked until you’re deep into the game or drop some gold in the shop.

I recommend spending freely on anything that’s actively in your deck to get started, but once you have a deck full of rarities and you see a variant you really like? Stop upgrading the base version of that card and start saving money for it, man. Currencies are character specific, so if you spend everything on an uggo base card only to unlock or purchase an incredible variant later, you’ll be disappointed as the fine art only has the most basic decorations. I hope you enjoy the green look on your rainbow Carnage.

Get daily rewards

Yeah, they’re just trying to force you to look at the damn shop. But currency is currency. Make sure to check your news tab as well. Here you can join the Symbiote invasion, something that is happening as we speak. Marvel Sticky but you have to enable it manually. Once you do, you’ll unlock another set of challenges that can unlock a wide variety of rewards and rewards for you.

Read the welcome screen

Whatever your “tip of the day” is, you may already know. Marvel Sticky about to throw it at you, but it never hurts to learn more. But the more important information is whether there is something active that you should be worried about. You can find blow up decided today that some kind of board would appear 40 percent more in all games. For example, as of this writing, the daily featured location is “Bar Sinister.” something to fill it with copies of everything you played there. While there are no guarantees that the board will show up, you can build a deck that takes into account one of the more likely outcomes of your games (or prepare for decks that can benefit from it). Using the previous board as an example, you can drop a Hulk Buster on your set, for example, which will immediately self-assemble and allow you to continue loading the spotlight.

Build your Marvel Sticky deck around a theme

A collection of cards in Marvel Snap, Second Dinner's great new card game featuring heroes like Vision, Thor, Black Panther and more.

Screenshot: Second Supper / Kotaku

It will take some time to understand how things work…

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