I don’t know how many times you’ve been at a party, desperate for a topic of conversation, and you’re like, “I wish I knew more Skyrim trivia I could prepare instantly.” providers for fresh skyrim facts and after secret of treasure foxes there is one more today 11 year old secret for you.

So the next time you go to a social event and want to break through the awkward silence, ask, “Have you heard of the trash planet in Skyrim?” ask.

Hidden Trash Planet

Artist Nathan Purkeypile probably knows some of the secrets of Bethesda development. He worked for the role-playing giant for 14 years – including Fallout 3 and 4 and, of course, Skyrim.

Eleven years after his release, he revealed a dirty little secret about the latter via Twitter. Due to a bug in development, Skyrim had some kind of giant garbage planet made up of items dropped by the developers.

There was always a “loaded space” when we worked on Skyrim. We could not work outside the region. So what if someone accidentally drags something over the border?

Gone. At least that’s what people thought at first. It turns out that’s not what happened. Actually everything went to the 0,0,0 point. Origin of the world.

Over time, more and more falling items accumulated in the center of Skyrim – somewhere in the air above the tundra. This pile of garbage got so big it started to look like a giant planet.

Every now and then we throw out this big pile of garbage. Still, it kept coming back over time. Why don’t you forbid people to drag their stuff beyond loaded borders? Why are you letting it go to the center of the earth?

Who knows. Games are difficult.

There is always another error that needs to be fixed. It didn’t break the game, it was just funny. Deleting things is much easier than fixing the code. This is how we fought against the slow-growing garbage planet. We won.

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Under the tweet, a large number of fans are speaking out and are now struggling to understand why they occasionally see trees and objects soaring in the sky near the western watchtower. It turns out: Error still exists.

However, it only appears when mods and partners are experimenting with objects at the edge of the sky. So if you’ve modded Skyrim yourself (and who didn’t), then maybe you’re floating somewhere in the center of your world…

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