The most worrying part of the horror movie found in 1999 Blair Witch project It is a mixture of reality and pure, mythical evil. It makes you nervous because its shaky images catch you in moments of doubt and convince you to think. what if all this really happened?

Bloober Team, the developer behind several competitive horror games Middle and soon enough, Silent Hill 2 The remake failed to capture that gripping sense of mystery as it turned the movie into a first-person horror game. Blair Witch.

Beautiful to look at game 2019 set in the crisp, sunny Maryland forests and very kindly to you a healthy German shepherd and puppy says you need to guide him. But its protagonist, Ellis, is aggressively cheesy, and the plot surrounding him twists and pulls until it feels loose and disconnected. No mystery, no suspense, just a vague anxiety that diminishes as you have to face it.

What the critics said: Jeff Cork wrote 2019 Game Informer review ‚ÄúTraveling in this world is more tiring than scary, especially when you realize that most of the time you are not in danger. Instead, it’s about how creepy you find wooden stick figures and wandering around in the dark.”

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